Jutte, Tessen, Pole Arms

The Jutte is a 14.5 inch tool used as a defensive weapon to remove a sword from an opponent's hands and the below pictured Tessen (war fan) is an exact copy of old original Japanese Samurai fighting tools.  They are each made of solid Steel and will last a lifetime... and no, this style does not open up.  Both the Jutte and the Tessen (like all of our Steel parts) are coated with a rust preventative coating of black oxide. 

Jutte Prices



Tessen Prices

Naginata Set


The above Bronze pieces are available in either polished, sanded finish or black colored.

The Ishizuki ( butt end of pole) displayed in the upper left corner of right hand photo is made of solid steel.


The original nine piece set (featured above) was made with a layer of Silver foil over Copper and is still mounted on its original full length pole.  The yardstick helps provide an approximate location for each of the parts.

The Ishizuki (blackened steel) is displayed at the butt end (right side) of the above reproduction set of parts. The rest of the set of parts are solid bronze.  If you have a Naginata blade or plan to purchase one, we can make it easy for you by providing the pole as well as mounting the parts.  Decorative MON's can be added to the pole. Although the ISHIZUKI (blackened Steel) is part of the set, it can also be purchased individually.

Ishizuki (below) to the left, two pole arm butt ends on right side.

Naginata Set Prices

Pole Arm Tips

A Naginata pole end is the one to the far left (oval in shape)

Naginata poles are typically oval in shape so that the 'user' knows where the cutting edge is... without looking,... whereas Yari and most other pole arms were made for stabbing (poking, thrusting) and were equipped with round poles and round pole ends (the two on the right).

Pole-arm Tip Prices

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