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A G.I. inspecting some of the thousands of swords turned in at the end of the war by both military

 and civilian's was quoted as saying: "They were stacked like cordwood as far as the eye can see"


  We recently produced several rolls of genuine SUEDE LEATHER ITO, available in 'BLACK' or 'SAND' colors.

It is the real thing.  First come, first serve !


Once again, (limited offer) the HAWLEY'S Japanese Sword Chart is available.  Printed on snow white 60 pound enameled stock,  Original (17 x 22 inch) this chart will be a welcome addition to a wall in your sword area. Suitable for framing, this chart features diagrams and details that cover some of the most famous sword makers, drawings of various methods of folding steel and a many other related bits & pieces of information. like with many other 'sale' items, when they are gone, they are gone forever.


The CHART, (DOMESTIC) secured in a shipping tube to prevent damage, via PRIORITY MAIL is only $23.   INTERNATIONAL  The chart and postage is approximately $56 (postage along is $41).  There has been ongoing rate increases by the Post Office.... so the figures are not entirely 'firm' and will depend on where it is being mailed to.


TSUBA-KAKI   SOLD OUT aka (temporarily unavailable )

Solid wood, Japanese designed, previously sold in Japan for $120.    SPECIAL:  Place your order the Tsuba stand and as a bonus, we will include any four Water Buffalo parts, all for only $79.  Don't miss out on this great offer. 


SOLID SILVER KIKU SEPPA are still AVAILABLE to dress up your favorite blade.


STINGRAY SKIN  BILLFOLDS / WALLETS    (temporarily unavailable)     

Stingray skin wallets have been a hit with our customers due to their attractiveness and the fact that Stingray skin, once tanned, becomes almost indestructible. Many of our very earliest customers still carry the same wallet they purchased 10 and 15 years ago, mostly because of the unusually strong leather created by the tanning process.


TSUNAMI* Special!  


Temporarily out of stock...


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